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January thirteen, 2015 publishing ... a listener lately requested if I've a existence besides many of the factors i do (commenting that with all of that i do he couldn't imagine where I'd personally locate the time) ... be certain I'm "regular" in several respects ... i like all kinds of tunes ... culture ... journey certainly ... and lots of far more elements of private lifestyle ... and I've a really prosperous palette of science and math interests which you see a part of that retains me much more than chaotic ... Incidentally ... every single government supported scientist that i meet wonders how on this planet i do what i do with out governing administration funding .

February 09, 2014 publishing # 1 ... the topic of no matter whether NASA Apollo method ever went on the moon is resurfacing ... listing the large variety of discrepancies in addition to the Weird behavior by NASA such as "misplacing" all the first lunar shots and film footage as well as throwing out all the design and ALL facts with regards to this allegedly most critical self proclaimed achievement from the 20th century ... apologists fend off these "nut circumstance assaults" with so called "debunkers" ... a band of NASA treckies of dubious scientific credentials and to say the the very least ... that have no 1st hand understanding of the lunar plan let alone any credible evidence that the lunar landings ever transpired ... to me the case is simple science ... for anyone making a scientific claim the load of proof is on them ... NASA (the claimant) hasn't Hardly ever Under no circumstances offered the slightest shred of conclusive proof that it did nearly anything near going to the moon not to mention landing and bringing Gentlemen back again ... the LRO Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was prepared and A significant scientific objective of that mission was to conclusively return high resolution pics of ALL seven lunar landing web pages ... it generated a few lower pixel frames of worse quality than your cellular phone digicam could create and By no means developed the pre-declared higher resolution pics that ought to have revealed down to the smallest pebble and footprint the corresponding terrain proven during the alleged lunar landing images that NASA released and are still publicly available ... the Europeans and Chinese and Russians have all failed to see even the slightest trace from the landing web pages with their lunar camera surveys ... The easy scientific result's that NASA alone in conjunction with 3rd party impartial researchers really need to verify this claim .

October 24, 2013 ... my weekly radio clearly show has become posted around the archive sub-webpage ... sign up for me on my weekly industrial no cost radio application as i discuss an aged but freshly revived comet ... Pretty INTERESTING !!! this comet offers evidence of Every thing i are already discussing and of course the normal scientists are baffled endeavoring to utilize their fairy tale science with no meat or even bones .

February ten, 2013 submitting ... CNN ( i call it the Sweet Nugget News ) just posted an post entitled "Could you Believe in the Weatherman?" ... i had to laugh ... in typical disinfo manner the report took a ninety degree still left switch and never acquired back again ... but it absolutely was attention-grabbing to see the hoops they jumped by to try to apologize for why the weathermen are not able to predict the weather conditions ... living proof ... the new northeastern mega blizzard ... the weathermen are actually a lot more reporters of the weather conditions than predictors ... "yup it snowed" ... but they may have no clue what prompted it ... does temperature just occur ??? no you will discover Genuine motives ... but you won't come across them within the National Weather conditions Assistance desktops ... a title of the chapter of my temperature reserve "You Can't Predict the Weather if You do not Determine what Triggers the Weather" describes that The most crucial components in weather prediction are certainly not even during the weather conditions support Laptop styles .

November 23, 2014 posting ... the managed smoooze noooze a short while ago has actually been managing chief tales prepping the public to "assume chinese hackers to get down wikipedia reference our ability grid" ... To start with this is one Good cause NOT to market the so called "smart grid" (what i call the DUMB AND DUMBER GRID) ... on the other hand ... as our electrical power grid stands today Substantially of your region depends on 1900's quality technological know-how and is not issue to hacking especially if you live in the rural area ... This really is such as story i just lined around the Chinese J-31 jet fighter airplane they reported was carbon copied from the new US File-35 stealth fighter allegedly the design hacked via the chinese from some lowly US aerospace protection sub-contractor of giant lockheed martin ... NOPE again ... the way this performs would be the world bankers Have a very community of "salesmen" who move armed service tricks within the world for fun and income but the end recreation is to help keep the foremost powers "well balanced" so that if one particular will get out of line (like you the US citizens) it is possible to be easily put in your home simply by shifting the harmony of electricity a bit in favor of the opposite facet whom they also fund through their phony world banking community ... this was exactly what the "chilly war" was all about ... try to remember crawling underneath your grade faculty desk in drills intended to instill the Tale of those awful russians who were being about to blow us to smithereens on the minutes discover ... That is how the bolsheviks gained ability during the russian revolution ... the rothschild banking empire financed equally the mensheviks and bolsheviks until eventually they chose to Lower arms into the mensheviks and slightly Improve on the bolsheviks and WALLA ... a gain for that world bankers who currently had their financial institutions in place and Charge of the russian govt ... ya you betcha ... and also the russian individuals believed they won the revolution ... This is often how the bankers have taken care of electrical power more than the United states and russia for decades (but oooops russia's putin is bracing in opposition to them now just isn't he ... so listed here arrives the avalanche of effort and hard work being put from him .

on ISON ... the next sent from an astute listener ... listener textual content in white and a few photos as they came within an email ... 

August 01, 2013 ... my weekly radio display is posted around the archive sub-web page ... i replay  President Eisenhower's 1961 farewell deal with wherein he cautioned in opposition to the monster military services industrial complicated Nevertheless should you pay attention to your complete speech he stresses more the government funding and monopoly of presidency sponsored science that is the basis of your armed service industrial sophisticated ... i want you to examine what he was actually indicating ... he places worth on the individual scientist generating for that sake of science and never the establishment of monopoly science ... our latest science structure in the United states of america with NASA as well as NSF and also other alphabet soup companies directing science is exactly what he was warning about ... the ownership of content material of Publications and newspapers and radio and television (such as upcoming COSMOS series) and now the net is leading down .

April 15, 2013 ... Now we have caught NASA JPL fudging and changing comet ephemeris info (the info that gives orbital qualities of comets and asteroids) in the future they give certain dates of substantial gatherings like ecliptic crossings (I exploit this details to chart where comets will likely be and what electrical alignments will come about .

December 09, 2014 submitting ... my radio show from December 4th has become posted on the archive sub-web page ... i discuss the longer term for the very first 50 percent on the present and then i go over two science concerns ... the storm programs on saturn and likewise the comet mission at this time under way ... jim mcc

Note that These Command elements characteristic layers of data circulation.  Tier 1 layer data goes up from controlled employees to the top of the chain of command (you never see this layer).   The easy rule is �if the thing is their names or faces, they are not at the very best or in Tier 1� � They can be go to my blog pawns normally ego controlled or by private get.   Tier 2 will be the layer intended for �visible� prime leaders in SCEPTER which results in Tier three the information propagated to the general populous (the obvious leaders are controlled by �handlers� and also have no look at from the Tier 1 layer previously mentioned them).  This is when substantial disinformation engines operate constantly.

September 26, 2014 publishing ... the weekly radio present is currently posted on the archive Web content ... i stand in awe at absolutely the ignorance of the final US inhabitants ... WOW ... only a few people have even the faintest clue of what is truly taking place in the world ... supposedly "educated" men and women living in a complete fog .

Could ten, 2012 posting ... this 7 days's present is now posted on the click for more weekly radio show archive sub-web page ... i focus on the continued situation of health and fitness as well as the healthcare blood permitting in the treatment of most cancers .

How the hell does NASA know that this comet would be the most vital comet to go through our photo voltaic program considering that and for X amout of time?...Unless of course they know what you know... that comets are certainly not filthy snowballs and that the light emitting from it's going to don't have anything to accomplish with ice being ejected from It is Main at significant velocities, Which only a truly massive and electrically billed comet could possibly glow like they are saying it will eventually.

the "Heartbleed" intrusion into some outdated information bases is a immediate result of the RSA Laboratories ongoing overlooking The reality that the prime selection general public key encryption programs HAVE BEEN Damaged ... the exact same firm that bought a backdoor into Yet another of their industrial encryption goods on the NSA .

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